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Tour of Xcel Energy Center and Evergreen Energy

Please join on a tour of Xcel Energy Center and Evergreen Energy on July 24th at 1:00 pm. There will be a brief chapter meeting following the tour of the facility. Both the tour and meeting will take place at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP no later than July 20th with Brent Rader (

Hope to see you there!


In the district energy field, District Energy St. Paul is considered the most notable in the United States for its use of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy conservation measures.

Launched as a demonstration project in 1983, District Energy was Saint Paul’s response to the energy crises of the 1970s. The venture was a public-private partnership to promote the viability of a hot water district heating system to alleviate the pinch of the energy crisis. Using European expertise the system was successfully designed to be energy efficient, fuel flexible, and result in stable rates for its customers.

In 2003, District Energy became a green energy service provider following construction of an affiliated combined heat and power (CHP) plant that is fueled by a renewable resource—clean, urban wood residuals. Using renewable fuel, the CHP plant simultaneously produces about 65 megawatts of thermal energy for District Energy and 25 megawatts of electricity for Xcel Energy. It is the largest wood-fired CHP plant serving a district energy system in the nation.

In 2011, the system was advanced further with the installation of the Midwest’s largest solar installation. It is one of the country’s largest hot water solar projects and the first in the United States to be integrated into a district heating system. The system peaks over 1.2 MW (thermal equivalent) and provides hot water and space heating to the the campus of Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul RiverCentre, and Roy Wilkins Auditorium, as well as exporting to serve other District Energy customers.

District Energy provides the complex with heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. The reliability of District Energy helps to assure everyone that when there is an arena full of cheering Wild fans, the building will have the heating and cooling required. In addition to heating and cooling, District Energy provides low-grade heat for a snow melt system to some of the sidewalks around the complex. Snow melt reduces the amount of salt and labor needed for snow removal, which helps to reduce the amount of chemicals dispersed on the sidewalks.

At District Energy, we are proud to support the great entertainment, operations, and environmental mission of Saint Paul RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center.


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