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COVID-19 Critical Infrastructure Partners Email-MN Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Please find the below email from Minnesota's Homeland Security and Emergency Management:

To our Critical Infrastructure Partners,

During this unprecedented pandemic, and following the Presidential Emergency Declaration, the State of Minnesota activated its State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to aid the Minnesota Department of Health in the statewide response to COVID-19. With the dynamic situation playing out throughout the country, it’s hard to anticipate what tomorrow will look like. What has become abundantly clear, is that no response would be effective without knowing what is going on with our private sector critical infrastructure partners. With that, Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) has created a website with a form that asks a few questions that will help HSEM understand the current state of the private sector in Minnesota, as well as help inform and shape HSEM and state leadership interactions with the private sector.


Public Private Partnership

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Minnesota Department of Public Safety | Follow DPS

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