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2020 CHMM Virtual Overview Workshop Registration

CHMM Virtual Overview Workshop for the IHMM Examination

The Regulatory CHMM Overview Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the major topics and concerns in hazardous materials management. It is but one element in preparing to take the IHMM Exam. Previous knowledge, experience, and a thorough reading of the AHMP Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference are equally important factors. In addition, many environmental professionals take the Regulatory CHMM Overview Workshop to enhance their breadth of competence in their professions and/or to get recertification credits.



2020 Virtual Online Course Dates:

October 13th, 14th, 15th, and October 20th, 21st, 22nd* 

*Virtual 4 hour sessions each day


Payment Options

The fee for the CHMM Overview Workshop is $350.00

You can pay by PayPal


email workshop registration form to:

John Potokar:

Debra Hall:

Brent Rader:







If you have any questions about the CHMM Overview Workshop please contact John Potokar:




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